Blog : AlphaTrend Indicator


Uses ATR and a multiplier to identify trend direction and potential buy or sell signals.

Trend Following Mean Reversion
Multiplier 1.0 Multiplier 1.0
Common Period 14 Common Period 14
AlphaTrend Long - Entry Trigger Long - Exit Trigger Short - Entry Trigger Short - Exit Trigger
Trend Following AlphaTrend Buy AlphaTrend Sell AlphaTrend Sell AlphaTrend Buy
Mean Reversion AlphaTrend Sell AlphaTrend Buy AlphaTrend Buy AlphaTrend Sell
AlphaTrend Long - Entry Confluence Long - Exit Confluence Short - Entry Confluence Short - Exit Confluence
Trend Following AlphaTrend Up AlphaTrend Down AlphaTrend Down AlphaTrend Up
Mean Reversion AlphaTrend Down AlphaTrend Up AlphaTrend Up AlphaTrend Down